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Southern Highlands Food and Wine Incorporated was formed in 2007 with the following vision: “Through the efforts of the Association, the Southern Highlands will become the first choice for a quality food and wine experience”. Each year the Association participates in, and organises, events and activities designed to promote the Southern Highlands, our members and their products. Currently, the Association’s flagship events are the Southern Highlands Food & Wine Festival and the Australian Highlands Wine Show each year.

The Association has two categories of membership. Only producer members have voting rights. Membership fees are levied annually on a financial year basis.

FOOD & WINE PRODUCER Membership: $25 annual fee
Open to wineries, food producers & restaurants as well as businesses engaged in food and wine related activities with the Southern Highlands wine region. Producer members have their business names and contact details listed on the SHF&W website under the appropriate category. Producer member listings also have LIVE LINKS to their own websites. Producer members have the opportunity to participate in events attended, sponsored or organised by the Association where they can promote their products and have voting rights. Where possible, a discount will be offered to Producer members on their participation in events organised by SHF&W.

FRIENDS OF FOOD & WINE Membership: $25 annual fee
The Friends of Food & Wine Membership is designed for people who are not involved in the industry, or are outside the Southern Highlands, but wish to support the Association and be kept informed about, and participate in, events sponsored by the Association. Friends of Food & Wine will receive invites and notification of up-coming events.